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A New Year, a New Operating System (1/4/2021)

I updated this to macos Big Sur. The program still works! That's due to all the changes I made this year. One funny thing is that the java JDK 15 os.version property for Big Sur is the misnomer 10.16. It should be 11.1. Apparently the system will return 10.16 for code linked before Big Sur. This will keep old client code able to "check" for monotonically increasing version numbers. Basically my experience tells me to never check the OS version to see if something will work, so Apple provided the best workaround for those folks as possible. Pretty clever. #

Dancing and Cleaning (12/27/2020)

Oscar and I have been having a couple dance parties lately. We've danced to Rock Lobster and Burning Down the House, and more. He also likes to do silly things. This is basically me picking him up and swinging him around.

Last week while we were riding the bike to the park, he wondered if it was going to rain since it looked liked it was going to in "the heavens". Must have been from a book?

I've done a lot of clean up for the code for this site. I've also cleaned up my personal mac. There's so much ancient data there. I've basically been running this user on macos since the year 2000 or so. So much cruft gathered over the years. Here's a fun trip down memory lane: defaults domains | tr ',' '\n' | sed -e's|^ ||' | sort#

Old Pictures (11/26/2020)

Just around when Metrowerks was going to be acquired by Motorola, I went home for a wedding. I decided to have Mike take pictures of me at Motorola World Headquarters. The page has always been on my site, I just somehow lost the link back in December, 2002. #

XML (11/20/2020)

Today I have finally removed iTunes XML file parsing from the program that generates this site. Now it parses JSON data from my itunes_json program. It's interesting to know that it's nearly also 16 years to the day I first added iTunes XML data to the site! #

Fast (11/10/2020)

I'm excited for the new M1 (ARM-64) Macs announced today. Reminds me of when Apple transitioned to Intel, but hopefully an even bigger leap. Unfortunately I'll be waiting for a full size MacBook to buy. #

Room In My Head (11/9/2020)

Thank goodness. I hope now I can get some room back in my head.

A few recent fun Oscar things. He loves to listen to the first They Might Be Giants record. He also really likes Man or Astroman? We've also been playing my 40 year old deck of Uno a lot lately. He gets so excited. He has no poker face. He loves to play a Wild card. He's also been jumping and dancing as well.

Finally received the new Hum record Inlet on vinyl. Listening to it (again) made me imagine first hearing it live in a basement somewhere on Clark St. in Champaign. #

Vote! (11/2/2020)

I've voted weeks ago. In Oregon, you can only vote by mail. Works very well, despite what you might have heard. I've voted by mail for years, while in California too.

I've updated this to build running on macos Catalina. It took awhile. I had to create a tool to make json versions of the data in iTunes. I then had to update the program that generates the web site to handle the new data. And here we are! #

Not Sure What To Say (6/18/2020)

It's a time to listen and understand.

I will say that in order to keep Oscar's interest in the Lego Mindstorms, I've created a virtual machine instance that will be able to run 32-bit Mac OS X Mojave as long as that virtual machine can run. That means I may be able to update to Catalina soon. I still have to sort out the code I have that expects an iTunes music XML file, however. #

Now Showing the Last Song (6/2/2020)

It has taken 9 years, but this site will now show the last song I played on iTunes. Also it no longer uses JAXB for XML support, so I was able to update the JDK to 14 (from 8!). You can learn more here#

A Video 28 Years In The Making (3/19/2020)

I uploaded the source code to the carnival program I've mentioned here before. I also did a screen recording of it. The program uses "deprecated" code on macos. This means Apple does not plan to support it for long (but likely measured in a few years). Perhaps someday I will update it to handle modern GPUs, but today is not that day. I made a video of what the carnival program does. #


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